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Larry and Jane Debelak Fall 2012 Tuscany Tour

Grand Canal VeniceHaving been in Italy before, we weren’t sure if another trip would hold many new experiences. However, now we can honestly say that one hasn’t truly experienced Italy, specifically Tuscany, until they’ve toured with John and Gayle McKay!

Over the years, John and Gayle have created an itinerary based on their favorite ‘discoveries.’ These unique, off-the-beaten-path locales, usually aren’t included in more standard tours. These hidden gems, plus a few famous sights, comprise a fascinating and memorable experience for any traveler…novice or ‘seasoned’.

John and Gayle are wonderful guides! Their attention to detail is amazing and their love of the area is irresistible. One cannot help but share their enthusiasm!

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Larry and Jane Debelak
Fall 2012 Tuscany Tour