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Healthy Aging and Travel

Are you too old to travel?  The answer is NO.   

Health Aging and TravelIn fact, travel may be good for your health.  Exercising your brain by experiencing new cultures and exploring new places may contribute to healthy aging.

Your own health and well-being should be a top priority for any trip.   Healthy travel is a result the planning and preparation.

However, it is important to make every effort to reduce the stress and just have fun.  Traveling with Tuscany Tours and Wineries’ small group tour can help to achieve that in several ways.

  1. Pre-planning is handled by Tuscany Tours and Wineries.  All hotel reservations, transportation arrangements once you are in Italy, arrangement of private tours of major tourist sites and hidden gems in rural areas.  We have been there many times and go back to places we know and trust.  With will also help facilitate your airline reservations if that is a concern for you.
  2. Some may be intimidated by the thought of arriving in a foreign city where people do not speak English.  Personal escorted tours from Tuscany tours and Wineries will accompany you the entire trip.  Pack your bag and head for Rome.  When you arrive in the Rome airport you will be met by a private limousine service that will take you directly to the hotel.  We will meet you there and travel with you every step of the way.
  3. Our small group tours can accommodate individual needs much better than traveling alone or with a larger group.  In one previous tour one participant had a total hip replacement several months before the trip.  We made very slight adjustments that made it possible for her to enjoy the trip.
  4. Hotels should be in areas where you are comfortable to come and go day or night.  In larger cities, public transportation should be immediately available.
  5. Sometimes older people do not travel because they do not have a traveling companion.  A small group of 10 persons can provide the security and companionship you need to create new and lasting memories.

When should you travel?  One of the advantages of aging is the free time available to fulfill our dreams.  If you have the time and your general health is good, now is the take the trip of a lifetime.  Andiamo!  (Let’s go!)

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