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Tuscany Tours and Wineries

We provide personally escorted small groups (8 persons plus the 2 of us) tours of Italy.  We strive to provide a 1st class experience with a balance between scheduled private tours with local guides and free time where you can make your own special memories.  If you have special interests, we will try to arrange those experiences as well.  Singles are welcome to join our group.  Our small group setting will provide security and companionship to enhance your enjoyment of the trip.  We invite you to compare our tours to others in terms of the size of the group, quality of accommodations, itinerary, and personal service.  Join us as we explore famous sites as well as off the beaten path gems of Italy.

We look forward to you joining us on our next Tour of Italy!

John and Gayle McKayJohn and Gayle McKay have been married 50 years and reside in Amery Wisconsin, a short distance from Minneapolis.  They have four daughters and nine grandchildren.

John lived in Italy from 1957-1960. He returned to Italy each summer while going to college in the US.  His Dad worked on a military base near Pisa and John graduated from high school from Livorno American High School. John’s first job as a teenager was working as a beach boy on the beaches in Tirrenia.

John and Gayle are frequent visitors to Italy; each trip they take adds new adventures and over time have developed a very memorable itinerary to favorite sites in Italy.

Following four year military career during the Vietnam era, he pursued a business career spanning 43 years. Gayle is a retired nurse anesthetist who has become experienced traveler overtime.

Eight years ago they responded to requests from their friends and began escorting small group tours of Italy.   Now they have combined their skills and experiences to personally escort small group tours throughout Italy as Tuscany Tours and Wineries.

Gayle is also a Travel Leaders Agent. For more information and reviews Click Here